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  1. Ms. Faith Renee Evans I am your biggest most devout fan!! I listen to all albums all the time! My friends get sick of it but I don’t care! My Altima is named “Faithful” !!Im a newark resident, and will forever love and cherish U!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hi Faith,

    You have one of the most heavenly voices and i love you for always being a true lady. Would surely love to interview you one day. I’m a HUGE fan of yours.

    Much love!

  3. Hello Ms. Faith, I am your biggest fan. And I listen to all albums by you. You have such a beautiful voice. A real powerhouse unstoppable force of nature. I follow on fb, Instagram, Twitter & Google. Love the posting from your faithful Store. And I really need your T-shirt. It’s so nice to see you interact with your #1FANS. that’s so cool. You are blessed, WAYYYYY up 😘

  4. Hey This is Philly1stLady (Aishah).. I have a few Ideas for the Faith Store.. How about some cool Faith Key chains, wrist bands, and Bookmarks in the near future. Oh yeah the “Faith” Mugs are sold out, and I would luv to buy one :)…

  5. Faith you are the Real queen of RnB I’m 27yrs old and I been listening to your music since I was 6yrs old I love all your albums most of all my favorites are your 1st album self-titled faith evans and keeping the faith from back in the 90s still today your music gives me joy,,my friends say I’m stuck in the past but I don’t care your music is definition of REAL music,,i can relate to in my every day life,,you always say thank you to your fans,,but I wanna say thank you for making such good music
    Your favorite fan Leayah p.s, I can’t wait to see you at the bad boy reunion tour in los angeles I’m soo excited

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