Rules & Policies


  1. No Trolling – or associated web property forums are provided for open discussions, opinions and general use, and not for trolling:

    1. DO Engage in respectful “netiquitte” as well as etiquette and behavior.

    2. DO NOT post inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages, which includes; without limitation:

      1. Libel of any kind.

      2. Defamation of any kind.

    3. DO NOT bait or excite users into breaching the forum rules and policies.

    4. DO NOT test the patience of the forum staff, entice or harass them into divulging proprietary information or personal information.

    5. DO NOT feed trolls or encourage trolling or disruptive behavior.

  2. No Sock PuppetingDO NOT create multiply accounts for the purposes of engaging in “sock puppet” debating or agreeing.

  3. No Spamming – All spamming will be understood as a breach of standard netiquitte, therefore spamming is a breach of this forums rules and policies and includes; without limitation:

    1. Key wording.

    2. Repetitive wording.

    3. Wording any post with willful malicious intent.

    4. Blatant self advertisements or overly large, obtrusive or strategic advertisements.

    5. Willingly posting third party advertisements (i.e., repeated same type YouTube posts (without limitation), multiple sizes or colors of same type images, videos, wording, etc.).

    6. Absolutely NO BOTNETs allowed.

  4. No Comment Oriented PostsDO NOT create posts where the sole purpose is gaining notoriety comments.

  5. No Double PostingDO NOT willingly double post or post very similar posts multiple times.

  6. No Flame WarsDO NOT engage in disrespectful, negative, off topic or blatant disregard commenting towards another user(s) personally and always keep respectful netiquette for users opinions.

  7. Yes, Please Be Respectful To All UsersDO engage in respectful dialogue towards all users and remember to respect all opinions.

  8. Yes, Comment WiselyDO comment and engage other users and their opinions.

  9. Yes, Keep Topics, Posts And Comments Music RelatedDO create topics, posts and comments that are music related, or related to music topics.


  1. (the “Forum”) is provided on an “AS-IS” basis.

  2. The Forum, it's “Mother” site(s), “Sister” site(s) or associated site(s) are NOT responsible for your content, topics, posts or comments, in any way shape or form; without limitation.

  3. The Forum has a set of Rules that govern it's netiquitte.
    • Defined: net·i·quette/netakit/
      Noun: The correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.
  4. Any violation of the rules that govern the Forum(s) may lead to; but is not limited to: topic, post(s) or comment deletion, banned user account(s), deleted user account(s), user account blacklisting.
  5. The measures taken to resolve any violations may be at the discretion of the Forum Moderator(s), Forum Administrator(s), Mother site Owner(s), Sister site Owner(s) or the direction of Prolific Music Group, Inc.
  6. The Forum or above stated management team or Prolific Music Group, Inc. reserves the right to delete accounts, topics, posts, comments or any content at any time for any reason without limitation of any kind at the direction of Prolific Music Group, Inc.
  7. The Forum is only provided with the understanding that you understand it's rules and policies and will abide by them, as the Forum would not be provided without such limitations.